About Us

bio-image Building a life together has always been Matt and Theresa’s top priority. In their 25 years together, they have always dreamed of one day starting a business together. However, between four children, one four-legged friend, busy careers and countless extracurricular activities, life has had its way of interfering on what they have ultimately wanted to do.

Theresa has had a passion for interior design for as long as she could remember. Home is her place to recharge, reflect and spend quality time with her family and friends. In 2015, Theresa decided it was time to turn her passion into a career, she then opened her own Interior Design Firm. She soon learned that resourcing high-quality furniture at reasonable prices would be one of the biggest struggles in launching her business. She was determined to bridge this gap and instead of searching for a furniture line that suited her needs, she decided she needed to launch her own. This allowed her control over how she resourced her fabrics, furniture frames and ultimately how she priced this high-quality line.

Matt has always been Theresa’s biggest supporter. Not only did he support this idea, but with his career background in marketing and sales, he was the perfect person to step in and help Theresa launch her company. At last, they finally had the idea and the need to launch a business together. What once started as a need in Theresa’s interior design business evolved into a business they could grow together. BERHANDesigns was launched as the name of this growing furniture business. The name comes from merging Theresa’s maiden name (Berry) and their married name, Hansen i.e. BERHANDesigns.

Home is always going to be the most important place to be and at BERHANDesigns we know how important that place is – our furniture is the kind you can live in and grow with and its custom made just for you. It’s more than a sofa, a comfortable chair, it’s the place for the family to hang out and watch movies, gather with friends, have cocktails, rock a baby to sleep, read books, open presents on Christmas morning… it’s the backdrop to many celebrations, and the place to create life long memories. This is what we call, Livable Luxury, the furniture you can live in!

BERHANDesigns was created to ease the process and pain in buying furniture in today’s world. Click your way to owning custom, one of a kind pieces made my generations of craftsman. Made in the USA stands for something when sitting in this furniture. BERHANDesigns furniture is synonymous with fine, quality, luxury, durable, custom pieces that are delivered in white gloves to your favorite room in the house.

Buying online and direct…eliminates the hassle and frustration of brick and mortar shopping. Our experienced design team provides personal consultation and evaluation when it comes to matching, scaling and building the right furniture for your home. We provide guaranteed satisfaction and no cost delivery, while utilizing white-glove delivery professionals to ensure 100% satisfaction.